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This project is intended to provide a driver and dialect to allow NHibernate to be used with VistaDB. This allows XCopy deployment of apps and development against a small, lightweight database which could be scaled up to SQL Server (or others) if required. It can also help when unit testing by creating an in-memory database on whatever machine the tests are running.

There are 91% of the NHibernate unit tests that pass (see attached NUnit report file) which I will work on to improve.

Thew project contains the project and build files which should be placed in the NHibernate src folder for building (with the project added to the main NHibernate build file). The NHibernate.Test.dll.config file included shows the database connection strings used to run the tests after it has been built.

Note that the VistaDB engine assembly is a licensed component and will not be distributed with this project. This must be obtained from directly.

About NHibernate

NHibernate is a port of Hibernate Core for Java to the .NET Framework. It handles persisting plain .NET objects to and from an underlying relational database. Given an XML description of your entities and relationships, NHibernate automatically generates SQL for loading and storing the objects. Optionally, you can describe your mapping metadata with attributes in your source code.

NHibernate supports transparent persistence, your object classes don't have to follow a restrictive programming model. Persistent classes do not need to implement any interface or inherit from a special base class. This makes it possible to design the business logic using plain .NET (CLR) objects and object-oriented idiom.


About VistaDB

VistaDB 3.2 is the world's first fully managed and typesafe embedded SQL database engine built for Microsoft .NET, Compact Framework and Mono. VistaDB is the lightweight alternative to SQL Server 2005. No need to install complex services with your application, xcopy deployment makes shipping VistaDB with your app simple!

Developers can build embedded cross-platform ASP.NET and WinForms database applications for desktops, mobile devices and web servers using VB.NET, C# or any other Dot Net enabled language.
  • Fully managed embedded SQL database for .NET
  • Small < 1 MB footprint truly embedded ZeroClick™
  • More deployment options - Want to run from a DVDROM or other read only media? Our engine will let you burn the engine, database and your app and run from CD/DVD ROM. Imagine the ability to query your data from a backup without having to restore it first.
  • C# architecture built for .NET
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 compatible data types and T-SQL syntax
  • Visual Studio 2005 /2008 integration using Server Explorer
  • None of the SQL CE limits
  • Fully managed ADO.NET 2 provider or Direct Data Access (DDA)
  • Single user, multi user local or using shared network, and in memory database support. Partially trusted shared hosting is no problem.
  • SQL Views, CLR Procs, CLR Triggers, 64 bit native runtime support and other features not found in any other desktop database (including SQL CE!)
  • Royalty-free distribution - single CPU deployment of SQL Server costs more than a site license of VistaDB!
  • Nothing to install on users machines! No complex setup process required. XCopy our DLL with your application and you are done. No admin rights, no registry changes, we can even run as guest!
  • TSQL Procs support is coming soon in Version 3.3. Subscribers get early access through the beta builds. Help us test the most heavily requested feature for our future.


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